Bathtub and shower problems range from minor inconveniences to costly damage from leaks. Some issues are fixed with a little drain cleaner, while others require the help of a professional plumber. Here are three common tub and shower problems that a professional should solve.

Chronic Clogs

We all use drain cleaners from time to time to keep our bathtub or shower running smoothly, but if clogs are a frequent problem, it may point to a larger blockage. Chemical drain cleaners can also cause damage to older pipes over time, and drain cleaning tools can’t reach clogs deep within the pipes. Professional plumbers can suction out the worst clogs without damaging your pipes. Find a local professional.

Clogs in Multiple Drains

If you notice clogs in multiple drains at once, like your bathtub and bathroom sink, you likely have a clog deep in your drain system. A certified plumber can help diagnose the problem, and will use professional drain cleaning tools that get to the root of the problem. Find a local plumber.

Drains with Bad Odors

If you ask yourself, “What’s that smell?” when you run the shower, it’s time to call in a professional. Sometimes the problem is as simple as bacteria build up around a clog in your pipes. However, a broken sewer pipe may be to blame. If the pipe goes unaddressed, you could end up with contaminated water in your tub. Find a licensed professional in your area.