If you work from home, finding privacy is always a challenge. Between kids rifling through your briefcase, someone using the blender just as you get an important call, and stuffing paperwork in spare drawers and closets, you’re left longing for a dedicated work space. Turning a spare room into an office isn’t just a sanity saver—it can also help you save in April as a tax write-off. Here’s what you need to take the leap and get more out of that spare room.

A Great Desk

A great desk is a must have for any office. This L-shaped desk helps you make the most of your corner space, and provides plenty of storage. If you prefer a streamlined look, opt for this simple computer table.

Sander August Hill L-Shape Desk, Dover Oak Finish available from Amazon

Computer Desk and Workstation for Home & Office Use available from Amazon

An Ergonomic Workstation

Working long hours at the computer can put some serious strain on your neck and back. An ergonomic chair can help prevent some of that strain. A gel wrist rest can also prevent hand and wrist cramping.

Essentials Leather Executive Ergonomic Swivel Chair available from Amazon

Kensington Duo Gel Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest available from Amazon

Good Lighting

Prevent eye strain during those late nights with a bright desk lamp. This modern, adjustable LED lamp has a clock, calendar, an temperature display.

WILIT Dimmable LED Desk Lamp with Display Screen available from Amazon

File Storage

Keeping records organized is key to a productive workday. This filing cabinet will blend right in with the rest of your furniture.

Saunder Edge 2-Drawer File Cabinet available from Amazon

Built-In Shelving

Built-in shelving give you an attractive place to store books and office supplies, makes a spare bedroom feel like a dedicated office, and adds value to your home. Find a local contractor to add a built-in to your office, and to help with any additional renovations.

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