Moving furniture is one of the most affordable ways to give your home a new look—but it’s not always the easiest way. These handy items will help you move furniture without the back pain, whether you want a quick home redesign or just need to clean under the bed.

1) Furniture Pads

This pack of reusable furniture pads will help you easily slide heavy objects across both carpet and hardwood floors, with a plastic and felt bottom respectively. Just tilt the heavy furniture, apply the non-stick grip side of the pad to the legs of furniture, and slide to a new location.

EZHOUSE 16 Pack Furniture Movers for Carpet and Wood Floor available from Amazon

2) Shoulder Dolly

The shoulder dolly is a 2-person lifting system that allows you to carry heavy furniture while keeping your hands free. Large dressers, media stands, and even washing machines can be loaded onto the dolly. The design prevents back strain, and utilizes leg strength to lift.

Shoulder Dolly Lifting and Moving System available from Amazon

3) Traditional Dolly

While the shoulder dolly allows you to carry objects up and down stairs, a traditional dolly allows you to roll heavy furniture without any strain. This dolly carries up to 900 pounds, and has carpet ends to prevent scratching.

Vestil Hardwood Dolly with Carpet Ends available from Amazon

4) Add Casters

For frequently moved furniture, especially in small spaces like studio apartments, adding casters can save you time and back pain. Drill the casters into the bottom of shelves, table legs, and even your couch to quickly move furniture out of the way for guests.

MegaDeal 12 Pack Swivel Caster with Brake available from Amazon