Sliding doors are exposed to the elements, and the track system makes them more complicated and prone to damage than traditional doors. If your sliding door is sticking, there could be a few problems. Here’s when you can fix it yourself, and when you should call a pro.

Clean the Track

The first step toward fixing a sliding door that keeps sticking is to give it a thorough cleaning. The track at the bottom of your door may be caked in dust or grime. Scrub it out with soap and water, and a stiff brush.

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Lubricant for Sticking Doors

If you’ve cleaned the track, but you’re still experiencing sticking when you try to open or close your sliding doors, you may need to apply a lubricant to the track. This can extend the lifespan of a rubber track.

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Uneven Screws

Sliding doors also have adjusting screws on the bottom edge of the door. These screws affect the placement of the door on the track. Pry off the trim caps, and examine the screws. If one side looks higher, lower that screw until the door looks even. If you’re unsure, call a local handyman for the inspection.

Replacing Rollers

If the door still doesn’t glide, the problem is likely with the rollers. A handyman can unscrew and remove the door, and replace cracked, bent, or worn out rollers. Though a handy homeowner may be able to attempt this with a friend, a sliding door can fall back and break when unscrewed, adding up to some expensive repairs and possible injuries.

Find a local professional for sliding door repair.