Finding a cockroach in the kitchen or ants chowing in the cookie jar is enough to give anyone the creepy-crawlies. But how do you know when a bug problem requires DIY pest control, or when it’s time to call a professional exterminator?

DIY Insect Control

If you notice a few ants or a cockroach, you may be able to eliminate the problem with DIY insect control methods. Make sure you’re storing food in airtight containers, sweeping regularly, and emptying trash on a regular basis to eliminate their food source. Repair any damage to screened doors or windows, and repair trim and siding that is cracked or deteriorating. If you’ve followed all of these DIY methods without signs of improvement, it’s time to call a local exterminator.

Skip DIY Methods and Call Immediately

Sometimes calling a professional immediately is the best or only way to eliminate insects from your home. In these instances, call an exterminator immediately:

  • You notice signs of carpenter ants or termites, which can do serious structural damage to your home.
  • You notice signs of bed bugs, which can reproduce in large numbers and spread to other areas of your home, and to the homes of friends and family.
  • You have small children or animals in your home, and are concerned about choosing a non-toxic insect removal method.
  • Someone in your home has a heath condition that can be exacerbated by certain insects. For example, cockroaches may trigger an asthma attack.

Find a licensed exterminator in your area to tackle your bug problem.