Last year your father-in-law bought you golf clubs. There was just one problem: you don’t golf. So, into the garage they went, precariously placed on top of the toddler clothing your teenage daughter once wore, a long-neglected craft table, lawn chairs, and a cracked sled.

Cleaning your garage can be a daunting task, but there is a way to clear away the clutter without losing your mind. Here are 5 steps to an organized garage.

1) Start at the top.

While cleaning the garage, start from the top down. Use a broom to get rid of any cobwebs in the corners, and dust off the light fixtures. Then, move to any boxes or objects stacked on top first, so you’re not fighting gravity while you clean.

2) Create five piles.

As you’re organizing clutter in your garage, divide objects into five piles: Move, Donate, Sell, Throw Away, and Keep.

Some objects, like paint (which is affected by extreme temperatures), paper goods (which can attract cockroaches), or propane (which can ignite flames), should be moved other areas.

While childhood clothing and toys your children have outgrown may hold some great memories, try donating them to another family and keeping a photo album on your phone of their favorite objects.

3) A place for everything.

Properly store any items you do decide to keep by installing a shelving unit or adding storage bins.

4) Paint your floors.

After emptying out your garage and washing away any dust, paint the garage floor to make the space easier to sweep and mop, and to prolong the life of your floor by protecting it from moisture.

5) Make it a group effort.

Tackling a messy garage is much easier with extra hands. Get friends and family involved, order a pizza, and take on the garage together.