It is a truth universally acknowledged that all workplaces are always kept at least five degrees too hot or too cold. If your office is in the too cold camp this winter, try this personal space heater for your desk. It’s the perfect affordable way to keep your hands or feet warm while you work.


In the dog days of summer, air conditioning provides a welcome respite from the heat. But what do you do when your air conditioner gives out on a 90-degree day? How do you know if it’s a DIY project or time to call in a professional? If your air conditioner is having these common problems, i…


Holiday shopping can be a hassle. But there's one gift this year that you may want to buy for yourself! It can keep you and the family happy for months, even years to come. Save yourself money, time and energy (literally) with an automated home thermostat this year!

Running the AC all summer long can be quite pricy, and it isn’t always necessary. Yes, this is 2016, but there are also other ways we can keep our home and ourselves cool during the warmer months. Here are a few small steps you can take to help reduce the heat in your house.