Food Divider


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If the thought of mashed potatoes mixing with peas or pasta sauce leeching onto your sides makes your stomach turn, these silicone food dividers were made for you. They aren’t just great for particular eaters—they’re also a good option for kids who are learning how to use a fork and knife or dieters who want an easy way to control portions.

How They Work

These super portable food dividers are made from food safe silicone and are BPA-free. The bottom of the food cubby has a powerful suction cup seal to prevent runny food from spreading across the plate. Young children can use the side of the cubby as a wall to push food up against while they eat. Since each cubby also fits ½ cup of food within the walls, it’s an easy visual aid to control portions on your plate.

Why Customers Love It

Customers love these food dividers as gifts for themselves and others. Several customers mentioned that the dividers helped picky eaters finish more food on their plate, and another customer loved how these dividers helped her toddler grandson get the hang of using a spoon and fork. Reviewers loved how durable and easy to clean these food dividers were too.

Food Cubby Plate Divider 2 Pack available from Amazon