Kitchen knives don’t normally fall under the home décor category, but these creative decorating hacks will make you rethink this common kitchen item. It’s time to ditch the wooden block and add a little edge to your kitchen.

1) Pretty Pastels

Who said kitchen knives can’t be cute? This magnetic display stand is perfect for showing off the set of five fun pastel kitchen knives. You don’t have to sacrifice quality for aesthetic; the knives are made from 100% stainless steel.

Keen Edge Home Multicolor Kitchen Knife Set & Magnetic Display Stand

2) Rustic Minimalism

Secure this magnetic wooden knife rack to your kitchen wall to save counter space. The natural, simple design is the perfect addition to a rustic or minimalist home.

Walnut Magnetic Knife Holder available from Amazon

3) Compact and Cylindrical

The standard wooden kitchen knife block can take up a lot of precious counter space. This lightweight cylinder knife block offers a streamlined solution. Store up to twelve knives in the protective slots. 

SimPrium Universal Cylinder Knife Block available from Amazon

4) Sculptural

This ceramic kitchen knife set comes with an adjustable stand that has a sculptural quality. Fan the colorful knives out for display, or fold them up to squeeze this stand between the coffee maker and toaster.

Ceramic Knife Set and Vegetable Peeler with Adjustable Holder available from Amazon

5) Mobile and Multipurpose

This kitchen knife stand also houses your essential utensils, including a slotted spatula, solid spoon, and spaghetti server. The stand rotates for easy access to all your utensils while you’re cooking.

Kitchen Knife and Utensil Set with Rotating Stand available from Amazon