The last thing you want when you’re taking a shower is a shampoo bottle slipping and falling on your toes. Keeping soap, razors, body scrubs, shampoo, shaving cream, and everything else you need for your daily routine in place isn’t always easy. Here are four clever ways to organize your shower and avoid those shampoo bottle toe stubs.

1) Eliminate the clutter.

The first step to organizing any space is to eliminate the clutter. Toss that conditioner that left your hair flat and greasy, dispose of old razors, and move any products you use outside the shower to another location.

2) Add a shower caddy.

Organize your family’s bath products in a shower caddy that hangs from the shower head. This sturdy caddy accommodates large bottles, and has built-in hooks to hold wash cloths, body brushes, and other essentials.

MetroDecor Bathroom Shower Caddy available from Amazon

3) Use your corners.

If you have a bar of slipper soap sitting in the corner of your shower, you’re not getting the most efficient use out of that space. This corner shower caddy fits in the angle, and adds three tiers of adjustable shelving to your shower.

Tenby Living Corner Shower Caddy available from Amazon

4) Turn your shower curtain into storage.

Your shower curtain can be a creative place to store bath products. If you’re crafty, sew pockets for shampoo, soap, razors, and more into the shower curtain you’re currently using. Not so handy with a sewing machine? No problem. This storage shower curtain comes with pockets already attached.

Creative Bath Products Clear Vinyl Shower Curtain with Pockets available from Amazon