Our refrigerators see a lot of turnover, which can make them one of the most difficult places in the house to organize. If you’ve ever opened the door to a funky smelling head of broccoli, you also know it’s one of the most important spots to keep tidy. An organized refrigerator doesn’t just make cooking a breeze—it can also cut down on food waste and grocery costs. Here are 4 gadgets to help you hack your fridge.

1) Get an “eat soon” bin.

Adding an “eat soon” bin to your refrigerator is one of the simplest ways to cut down on food waste. Place the bin on a shelf that’s in your line of sight when you open the door, and toss in yogurt that’s close to the sell-by date, and produce that expires quickly. The next time you search for a snack, grab something from your “eat soon” bin before dipping into the rest of your food.

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2) Soda storage made easy.

Ban rolling cans from your refrigerator with a storage bin specifically designed to hold soda cans in place. 

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3) Find the source of spoiled food.

If your food is spoiling before the sell-by or best-by date, your refrigerator may not be consistently cool, especially if it’s an older model. Monitor the temperature with a wireless thermometer that syncs to your phone.

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4) Save your produce.

Keep your produce fresh between grocery store visits with a produce saver. These special containers regulate the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide to reduce spoilage, and keep fruit and vegetables fresh for 80% longer than store packaging.

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