Moles can tunnel below your grass, destroying roots and leaving large brown patches in your yard. Fortunately, you can deter moles using a number of methods. Here are 4 ways to rid your yard of moles.

1) Sonic Mole Repellents

Repelling moles is the most humane way to tackle an infestation in your yard. These sonic mole repellent devices emit a pulse for 5 seconds in 20-second intervals. The vibrations irritate moles, forcing them to seek out another yard to live in. The vibrations also don’t bother less sensitive animals, like pets. The solar powered devices work through the night to keep your yard mole-free.

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2) Repel Moles Using Plants

Those looking for a chemical-free way to repel moles and make their garden even better are in luck. Marigolds, daffodils, and castor oil plants are natural mole repellents. Planting them around the edge of your yard can keep moles at bay.

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3) Remove Their Food

Moles feed on the grubs in your yard, so reducing their food source can eliminate your mole problem. Milky spore bacteria naturally reduces grubs, including pesky Japanese beetles. Just add it to your favorite fertilizer while you complete lawn treatment.

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4) Call A Professional

If your mole problem is out of control, or the methods above just aren’t working, call in a local pest control professional. They can diagnose the extent of your pest problem, and offer a solution without the trial and error of DIY methods.

Find a licensed pest control professional in your area.

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