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If you’ve ever opened the door to persistent solicitors, wondered who was ringing your bell so late at night, or missed a package delivery, a video doorbell could make your life a whole lot easier. Here’s why you should install this smart gadget in your home:

1) You’ll never open the door to solicitors.

If you’re tired of explaining that of course you care about dying seals but you’re just really busy at the moment, a video doorbell will save you some serious headaches. This motion-activated doorbell from Ring sends instant alerts to you phone, tablet, or PC when visitors are at your door, and allows you to screen out unwanted guests. It’s also Amazon Alexa compatible.

Ring Video Doorbell 2 available from Amazon

2) You’ll never miss your favorite guest again.

When you’re not expecting company, you may ignore your doorbell—only to find out later that your friend accidentally made too many cookies and was coming by to drop some off. With a wireless doorbell, you won’t miss out on friends or cookies. This model from Wisenet has face recognition software that sends alerts when your favorite guests are at your front door. The two-way speaker allows you to greet visitors through your smartphone.

Wisenet SmartCam Enabled Video Doorbell available from Amazon

3) You’ll never be stuck waiting for package delivery.

Expecting a package between two and six? Before video doorbells, you would’ve been stuck at home for hours. This doorbell from Zmodo allows you to see and speak to visitors directly from your smartphone, so you can virtually sign for packages while you go about your day. If you’re worried about your package being stolen, this doorbell also allows you to monitor your porch remotely, even if no one rings the bell.

Zmodo Smart Greet Wi-Fi Video Doorbell available from Amazon