Ironing is one chore most of us would rather avoid. It’s time consuming, boring, and finicky when dealing with delicate fabrics. If you want wrinkle free clothing without the hassle, you need a handheld clothing steamer in your life. Here’s why it just might be the best purchase you make all year:

1) You’ll never burn your favorite shirt.

Irons carry the risk of burning fabric, especially when dealing with delicate silks and jersey. A clothing steamer eliminates the risk of burns since the steamer never touches the garment.

2) You’ll save time.

Ironing is a tedious job, but handheld clothing steamers can release wrinkles from your clothes in a quarter of the time.

3) You’ll save on dry cleaning.

Steamers are a great way to get extra wears out of dry clean only clothing. Not only will clothing steamers smooth out lines while protecting the shape of the fabric—the high temperature can also help eliminate odors and bacteria.

4) You’ll save space.

Between the ironing board and bulky iron, this is one household item that takes up some serious closet space. A handheld garment steamer is compact enough to store in small spaces and take in your suitcase on vacation.

Isteam Steamer 7-in-1 Powerful Multi Use Wrinkle Remover available from Amazon

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