Replacing an interior door is easy, assuming you have carpentry skills and tools handy.

You can replace a hollow-core interior passage door with a new molded, six-panel, solid-core door that looks better and is more substantial. It will reduce the transmission of sound and create a quieter and more peaceful interior by eliminating the noisy hum of a dishwasher, the drumbeat from a stereo system or any unwanted sounds.

A carpenter will charge $654, which includes labor and material, to remove a standard-size passage door and replace it with a new sound-deadening one. Assuming you have carpentry skills and tools handy, a homeowner can buy the door, hinges and lockset, and replace it for $245, saving 63 percent.

The job involves removing the existing door and hinges, installing new hinges on the door and frame, and hanging the door. Pay attention to the location of the hinges, and be mindful installing the new ones. Make sure they face the same direction as the old ones, and check that the new door has the cutout for the door knob in the same place. If the old knob is in good shape, you can remove it and reinstall it on the new door and save a bit.

You'll need basic carpentry tools and a work surface to lay the door flat to install the hinges and finish the surface (if necessary). Allow for about 3/16 inch of clearance on the door width. To trim the height to fit, be sure the door clears the floor surface and any carpeting. Seal any cut surfaces with an effective coating suggested by the manufacturer.

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Pro Cost -- DIY Cost -- Pro time -- DIY Time -- DIY Savings -- Percent Saved

$654 -- $245 -- 1.4 -- 4.0 -- $409 -- 63 Percent