Painting is a cost-effective way to totally transform your space. It’s also a messy, labor intensive job that can make you wonder if you really wanted that new color at all. These smart painting tools will take the stress out of repainting.

1) Spray Away

Want to get that paint job done in record time? Try painting like the pros with a paint sprayer. Though paint sprayers are a larger initial investment than brushes or rollers, it can help you paint your room in half the time, and save you an upper arm workout.

Wagner Control Spray Double Duty Paint Sprayer available from Amazon

2) Make Masking Easy

Taping off molding and ceilings can take as long as painting, especially if you’re short on helping hands. The tape applicator by Scotch makes masking easy. Simply hold the dispenser against the wall, and slide it across. Built in wheels press the tape to the wall.

ScotchBlue Heavy Duty Tape Applicator available from Amazon

3) Minimize Roller Cleanup

Applying multiple coats of paint means cleaning rollers multiple times. Washing out rollers wastes that extra paint, but leaving them out can cause the paint to dry and the roller to become unusable. The Roller Keeper allows you to store rollers overnight, so you can paint multiple coats without multiple cleanups.

Roller Squeegee & Roller Keeper Combo Pack available from Amazon

4) Drop It and Forget It

Taping down a plastic drop cloth adds extra time and effort to painting. The CoverGrip canvas drop cloth comes with a no-slip dotted rubber backing, and easily conforms to uneven surfaces like stairs. This drop cloth is also more environmentally friendly than the plastic alternative, and can be machine washed and reused.

CoverGrip Canvas Safety Drop Cloth available from Amazon