The weather may not be warm enough to plant summer-flowering bulbs or certain vegetables yet, but you can still get a jump start on your garden. These 5 simple tasks will prepare your garden for spring.

1) Clean up your garden.

Before you start working the soil, you’ll need to clean up leaves and debris that clog up your flower beds, lawn, and water features. Cut back dead growth and dispose of any decaying plants before you get to work. Use sturdy gloves to protect your hands.

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2) Remove garden pests.

Removing slugs, snails, and aphid colonies that are hibernating in your soil before you begin sowing your garden this spring can save you time and plants in the long run. Identify any pests, and use grub-busting and ecofriendly parasitic nematodes to clear your garden.

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3) Feed your compost bin.

Make sure you have plenty of nutritious compost on hand by the time you start planting by feeding your compost bin throughout the winter and early spring.

4) Start seeds indoors.

If the weather isn’t warm enough in your region to start planting outside in early spring, start seedlings indoors in peat pots so you can transplant the small plants outside when it’s warm enough for them to thrive.

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5) Work your soil.

Once the soil dries out, start breaking up your soil with a bow rake. Add compost to the soil as you work to create a nutrient rich home for future plants.

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