Some early birds will cheerfully tell you about how much they accomplish before 7 o’clock—a workout, answering emails, a load of dishes, a homemade breakfast. For those who are night owls, hitting the snooze button ten times is the only thing that happens before the sun rises. If you struggle to drag yourself out of bed even after a full night of sleep, these clever alarm clocks for the morning-challenged can help.

1) Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

This wake up light alarm clock slowly brightens the room to bring you out of a deep sleep naturally. The sunset function also helps night owns slowly fall asleep at a more reasonable hour. The alarm also has six nature sounds—which definitely beat the blaring traditional alarm—to make your morning a little more pleasant. If you prefer waking up to music, the clock has an FM radio function too.

Blinngo Wake Up Light Alarm Clock available from Amazon

2) Clocky

Clocky is one of the most popular (and most evil) alarm clocks for those who have trouble waking up early. Don’t let the adorable robotic façade fool you—this clock jumps off your nightstand and rolls around the room beeping like R2D2. If you need an alarm that forces you out of bed, chasing Clocky around will help you get to work on time.

Clocky The Original Runaway Alarm Clock on Wheels available form Amazon

3) Alarm Clock Mat

This clever alarm clock mat forces you to toss back the covers and stand up every morning by turning off only when you place your feet on the pressure sensitive mat. Lightly pressing the mat with your toes will give you the time, and the LED light display helps you wake up. The alarm sound is also completely customizable; just upload your favorite song or nature sounds by connecting the mat to your computer using a USB cable.

IDEAcone Smart Alarm Clock Pressure Sensitive Mat available from Amazon

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