Keeping a spotless home every day of the week is out of reach for most of us. Between work, family, and occasionally doing something more fun than cleaning, dishes can pile up and carpets become crumby sometimes. But when your in-laws announce they’re in the neighborhood and just thought they’d pop by in an hour, there’s no reason to panic. Here are 4 big impact things you can quickly clean before last minute guests arrive.

1) The Bathroom

Your bathroom is one place almost any guest will use, and while you might have tuned out that glob of toothpaste, they’ll probably notice. With last minute guests, you’re not going to have time for a deep clean, but you can wipe down your faucet, sink, and bathroom mirror with a nice smelling all purpose cleaner and microfiber cloth. Then quickly scrub your toilet with a wand to get rid of any grime.

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2) Dirty Dishes

If you have a dishwasher, pop any dirty dishes in before guests arrive. If you do have to wash by hand, scrub them down more quickly with a soap dispensing dish brush.

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3) Dirty Clothes, Toys, and Junk

When your last-minute guest steps over dirty jeans and onto a Lego, explaining that you weren’t expecting company rarely does a lot of good. Fortunately, attractive storage baskets with lids aren’t just an increasingly popular item of décor—they’re also the perfect way to hide all the junk that accumulates throughout a busy week. Throw it in and forget about it until later.

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4) Stove and Microwave

Offering your guests a cup of coffee might seem a little more fraught if you catch them grimacing at your dirty kitchen. Wipe down the stove top and inside of your microwave with a kitchen degreaser spray and brush any crumbs off your counters.

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