Pet owners know that cleaning up fur is a constant battle, but this enormous lint roller is about to make it a little more fun. If you already use a lint roller to keep your clothes free from pet hair, this satisfying sticky roller mop is about to be your new favorite thing.

How It Works

This sticky roller mop works the same way your trusted lint roller works on clothes—but this is large enough to tackle your carpets and couch. It’s a perfect spot treatment when you don’t want to vacuum a whole room, but your dog just jumped on the chair and left a ton of fur behind. The 10-inch-wide roller comes with an expandable pole, so you won’t need to strain your back to roll over hard-to-reach places. It’s light weight enough to quickly roll over carpeted stairs or up and down the arms of your couch.

Why Customers Love It

Devoted customers of this giant lint roller use phrases like “couldn’t live without this roller” and “life saver.” Pet owners who have battled constant shedding know exactly why. This lightweight roller picks up even the fur that pet vacuums leave behind, and customers noted that the tape and refills were stickier than regular lint rollers and strong enough to tackle bigger jobs.

Evercare Large Surface Mega Roller with Expandable Pole available from Amazon