Heucheras, commonly known as coral bells, are an evergreen perennial plant that thrive in a number of climates—from sandy coastal soil to shady gardens. The delicate bell-shaped flowers in pink, red, or white contrast with saturated leaves in a variety of hues, making this plant the perfect way to add a burst of color to your garden.

Where to Plant Coral Bells

Coral bells grow in a variety of climates but thrive in shady and wooded areas. Mimic these conditions in your own garden by planting heucheras under trees or in an area with partial sun. They provide great ground cover and a pop of color.

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When to Water Heucheras

Heucheras are a low maintenance perennial that requires only occasional watering to keep plants moist. A well-draining soil will help them thrive.

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Additional Maintenance

Deadheading spent blooms will improve the overall appearance of your plant, as will cutting back any woody growth. You can also propagate coral bells through cuttings or seeds in the spring.

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