Buying a wireless charger from the Apple store will set you back $60, but you don’t need to shell out extra cash for a great wireless charger. This iPhone charger from Seneo gets the job done at about the third of the price.


Whether you have an iPhone 8/8 Plus/X, or a Samsung Galaxy Note (from models 5 to 8), this charger offers a quick wireless charge to your phone. The charger also works with older iPhone models when you plug in an adaptor.


At $23, this wireless charger is about a third of the price of other models—and if you’re paying off a new iPhone, you’ll appreciate the steal.

Additional Features

This wireless charger also allows you to charge your phone horizontally or vertically, so you can finish watching a video while you charge. It also easily charges through a thin case, so you don’t need to remove it each time. There’s no bright light when the unit isn’t in use, and the slim design makes it perfect for small nightstands.

Senso Standard Qi Wireless Charger for iPhone 8/8 Plus/X available from Amazon

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