Halloween Decorations


Want to have the spookiest house on the block this Halloween? These otherworldly decorations will make your house stand out and your neighbors ghoulishly green with envy.

1) Supernatural Light Show

This LED projector with terrifying slides will help you put on a truly frightening light show this Halloween. It also comes with 14 switchable patterns to help you entertain the neighborhood year-round.

Ebeet Halloween Projector Light available from Amazon

2) Tapping at the Window

With It still fresh in everyone’s mind, this creepy window peeper clown is sure to terrify trick or treaters. Set the lifelike motion activated clown up in the window by the doorbell, and watch as unsuspecting guests jump back in surprise when he taps on the glass.

Scary Peeper Tapping Clown Window Prop available from Amazon

3) A Ghostly Glow

Add a ghostly glow to your garden on Halloween with these glowing pebbles in blue or green. Each bag contains 200 pieces, perfect for lighting up your walkway for trick or treaters.

Aukora Glow in the Dark Garden Pebbles available from Amazon

4) The Birds

Pay tribute to Alfred Hitchcock’s famous horror film The Birds with these sinister handmade raven decals. Smaller sizes come in sets of three, perfect for filling all of your windows on Halloween night.

Black Birds Vinyl Wall Art Decal available from Amazon

5) Spooky Skeleton

What Halloween would be complete without a life-sized poseable skeleton? This skeleton is 63 inches tall, weather-resistant, and locks into place when moved.

Crazy Bonez Pose-N-Stay Skeleton available from Amazon