As the sun sets earlier in the day and temperatures cool down, you may be spending less time outside. Fortunately, these plants thrive in low shade and cool windowsill conditions, and will brighten up your home during the gloomiest winter days.

1) African Violets

These popular purple flowers are one of the easiest houseplants to grow, even if you’re lacking a green thumb. They bloom year-round, adding some color in the colder months of the year. African violets thrive in eastern or western windows most of the year. To keep them healthy in the winter, simply move them to a south-facing window.

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2) Christmas Cactus

Just as the name suggests, the Christmas cactus thrives in the winter. This easy to care for cactus blooms with bright flowers in a range of colors, from deep red to white. These plants do best in bright windows, and bloom in mid to late December.

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3) Snake Plant

The snake plant may just be the toughest houseplant around—able to withstand low light and a little neglect. The sword-shaped leaves of this sturdy succulent grow in upright up to 48 inches tall. Water less frequently in winter for moderately dry soil.

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4) Amaryllis

Amaryllis will add a burst of color to your home in winter as they bloom. For longer lasting blooms, keep this plant in indirect sunlight, and use liquid houseplant fertilizer. After winter, cut the flower stalk within an inch of the top of the bulb, and care for the plant as usual until the next bloom.

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