Charcoal Bag


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Between pets, lingering food scents, stinky shoes in the closet, and bathroom odors, our living spaces tend to collect plenty of unwanted smells over time. While you might try to mask these odors with air freshener, they tend to add another layer to the smells without eliminating them. So how do you get rid of scents without adding another? Try these air purifying charcoal bags from Colin & Bella.

How They Work

These bamboo charcoal air purifying bags freshen your living space by absorbing moisture and odors. Think of it as baking soda in the freezer for your entire home. They’ll keep your living space odor free for up to 2 years. Simply place the charcoal bag in the sun every month to refresh. Unlike some popular air fresheners, these bags are chemical free and safe to use around children and pets.

Dozens of Uses

You can use an odor eliminating charcoal bag anywhere you find unwanted smells in your home. Pop one on the bathroom counter, inside a pair of smelly shoes, above the nursery room changing station, or near your cat’s litter box to purify the air in your living space. They’re also great car air fresheners—no artificial pine scent required. The pretty and minimalist canvas design is also a plus since you can leave these bags in the open.

Why Customers Love Them

With a solid 5 out of 5-star rating on Amazon, these charcoal bags really work. Customers love the nautical ropes and attractive burlap packaging—but most of all they love that this product works. Customers noted that these bags eliminated odors in multi-pet homes and in cars that frequently drove kids to and from sports practices.

Colin & Bella All Natural Odor Eliminators Charcoal Air Purifier available from Amazon