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When it comes to your beauty routine, your pillow case probably doesn’t cross your mind. But whether you’re looking for shinier hair or clearer skin, the secret may be in where you lay your head down every night.

A Silver Thread Pillow Case to Fight Acne

If you’re struggling with spotty skin, your pillow case might help you beat your breakouts. This pillowcase from Noble Kleen has silver salts embedded into the fibers during each stage of production which makes this pillow antimicrobial. The silver technology means the antimicrobial protection holds up to frequent washes and won’t wear off over time.

Noble Klee Silver Acne Fighting Antimicrobial Pillow Case available from Amazon

Prevent Wrinkles and Get Shiny Hair

Silk pillow cases have long been rumored to prevent wrinkles and help users wake up with shiny hair. According to the customers reviews on this silk pillowcase by Fishers Finery, that’s not just a myth. The 25 mm silk pillow case has devoted followers who swear their hair is more manageable and they wake up without lines or creases.

Fishers Finery 25mm Luxury 100% pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase available from Amazon

Give Your Pillow Case an Acne-Fighting Boost

Want to clear up breakouts without investing in new pillow cases? Try this anti-bacterial pillow mist. The spray uses potent natural ingredients like tea tree, peppermint, and clary sage to fight acne and kill bacteria, and the lavender scent helps you sleep better.

Diva Stuff Anti-Bacterial Pillow Mist available from Amazon

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