Keeping your home pest free without baits and snap traps isn’t easy—but maybe you have a soft spot for every living creature no matter how small, or just hate the thought of cleaning up dead mice. That’s where this no-kill mouse trap from Authenzo comes in. With over 430 reviews on Amazon and 4.5 stars, customers are raving about this mouse trap.

Safe for Pests and Pets

If you hate the idea of killing mice, a humane mouse trap is a must. But it can also prevent your pets from getting stuck or snapped. This no-kill mouse trap only opens for tiny animals, so your cat or dog won’t get injured. It also features a sliding catch and release door, so you can trap mice and rats and release them again outside.

Buy One and Done

This no-kill mouse trap may see pricey when you compare it to 99 cent snap traps, but it can be used repeatedly. The durable material keeps mice from gnawing free, and once you release them you can rinse the trap with water and reuse.

Why Customers Love It

Customers love this no-kill mouse trap because it prevented them from dealing with mouse-related gore while getting the job done. One customer noted that mice were licking snap traps clean without a scratch, but this no-kill trap finally worked. Another caught two stubborn mice within an hour.

Authenzo Humane Mouse Trap No Kill available from Amazon

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