Kids aren’t always excited about back to school season or the homework it brings with it, but helping your child stay organized can keep your home from being overrun with math worksheets and will make those after school study sessions a little less chaotic. Here are X kid-friendly office items to keep their study space orderly.

1) Compact Desk with Storage

This grade school child sized desk is perfect for their bedroom corner and comes with a chair that holds up to 150 pounds. The top of the desk lifts to store books, papers, pencils, and other school supplies.

Melissa & Doug Desk and Chair available from Amazon

2) Weekly Dry Erase Calendar

If your child has trouble keeping track of when assignments are due or which day to show up to soccer practice, this magnetic dry erase calendar with an attached cork board will help both of you stay on schedule. Plan out the week together and encourage kids to check off items on their list for extra TV time, sleepovers with friends, or Friday night pizza.

U Brands Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar/Cork Board available from Amazon

3) Functional Desk Organizer

This 8-compartment desk organizer will help keep the scissors, glue, pencils, paper clips, crayons, and other odds and ends that build up during back to school season from taking over your child’s study space. The mesh caddy comes in pink, blue, black, or silver so your child can match it to their personal style.

EasyPAG Mesh Desk Organizer with 8 Compartments available from Amazon

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