Dorm rooms are minimalist and functional with unbreakable modern furniture and white walls, so making your shared space feel like a home away from home can be difficult—especially on a college budget. These stylish pieces of dorm room decor will help you settle in to your new space.

1) Rose Gold Wall Grid

This $30 rose gold wire wall grid is the most stylish way to hang photos, magazine clippings, notes from roommates, and study reminders. The grid includes 5 clips, so you can easily swap out what you hang.

Simmer Stone Rose Gold Wall Grid Panel Photo Hanging Display available from Amazon                                 

2) Felt Letter Board

These Instagram worthy felt letter boards have taken over dorm rooms—and if you want to join the club it costs less than $20 to become a member. Change out messages to match your mood or remind your roommate to do the dishes in both a passive aggressive and adorable way.

Heartfelt Crafts Grey Felt Changeable Letter Board with Emojis available from Amazon

3) Macrame Woven Wall Hanging

Whether you want to add a bohemian touch to your room or just need an affordable alternative to the overused fine art posters that plague college dorm rooms, this $20 macrame wall hanging will add a little warmth to your space without breaking the bank.

Timeyard Macramé Woven Wall Hanging available from Amazon

4) Hammered Copper Waste Bin

You need a trash can in your dorm room anyway, so skip the molded plastic and opt for a stylish hammered copper waste bin under $30 that doubles as decor. It’s pretty enough that you’ll never want to let it overflow with Starbucks cups.

Juvale Hammered Copper Plated Waste Bin available from Amazon

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