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If you’ve ever tried to sand a large piece of furniture by hand before painting it, you know exactly how frustrating and time-consuming sanding can be. If you frequently do DIY painting projects at home, it might be time to save yourself some elbow grease and invest in an orbital sander. Here are 3 of the best options in a range of prices:


This Black + Decker random orbit sander costs just $30—which is enough to make you kick yourself if you’ve ever spent hours getting a decent finish on a dresser. With over 1,100 amazon ratings and 4.3 out of 5 stars, this 5-inch sander is a favorite budget pick for DIY furniture projects.

Black + Decker Random Orbit Sander 5-Inch available from Amazon


This Dewalt random orbit sander costs just under $60 but the improved dust collection and vacuum locking system make it worth the extra money if you do more than a few DIY projects a year. With 4.6 stars on Amazon, customers loved the comfortable grip, decent amount of power, and relative lightness of this mid-range sander.

Dewalt Random Orbit Sander Kit 5” available from Amazon


If DIY is a little less of a hobby and more of a lifestyle for you, this $240 sander from Bosch is worth the splurge. The sander features two modes—random orbit and aggressive turbo (perfect for woodworking, polishing, and carpentry projects). The dust collection system and sheer power make this model stand out.

Bosch Power Tools Electric Orbital Sander Polisher available from Amazon