Q: Dear Ed, my husband and I plan to remodel our bathroom by ourselves. He is very handy with the tools and I plan on making the decoration decisions. As far as fixtures and accessories, is there any pro tips and tricks you can give me to help me create a professional looking bathroom?

— Sally, Utah

A: As a plumber, I can tell you what I suggest to homeowners when I'm told he or she plans on picking out all the plumbing fixtures. I inform them that larger bathroom fixture manufacturers do have professional designers put together "Bathroom Collections" or "Fixture Suite Packages." These fixture collections take out a lot of the decorating guess work. Collection packages can include things like toilets, sinks, faucets, vanities, shower heads, lighting, even towel bars and paper holders. No matter what you choose in each package, the fixtures and accessories all compliment and match each other. Bottom line: When finished you can collect a lot of decorating compliments from friends and family, if you go with a bathroom fixture collection.

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