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If spring cleaning tends to put you in the mood for other ways to freshen up your home, temporary wallpaper could be the solution. It’s a bold way to completely makeover a room, requires no long-term commitment, and can be completed on a free Sunday. But finding the perfect temporary wallpaper for your space isn’t always easy. That’s where the Amazon-exclusive home collection the Novogratz comes in.

Bold On-Trend Patterns

In addition to funky indoor and outdoor furniture and home decor, the Novogratz collection on Amazon features some of the coolest temporary wallpaper patterns out there now. From the more subtle wheels pattern with an art deco nod to the bold and tropical palm pattern, there’s an on-trend option for every style.

Dark Hues

Committing to dark walls can be difficult, but a dark removable wallpaper might make the leap a little easier. The Novogratz collection features two papers in darker hues—the constellations pattern in navy and the elegant block floral pattern with a deep green background.

Playful Paper

One of the best spots to use temporary wallpaper is in children’s bedrooms, since kids seem to constantly grow out of trends. This playful spirit animal deer wallpaper and this fun daisy wallpaper are a great way to add visual interest without commitment. Plus, the paper is lead, phthalate, and voc-free.

The Novogratz Collection Temporary Wallpaper available from Amazon