A well-seasoned cast iron skillet is a must have item in every home cook’s kitchen, and with proper care your cast iron skillet can last a lifetime. But what happens when you notice rust on your cast iron, or get stuck with baked on food that just won’t come off? Don’t give up on your favorite cast iron cookware. This simple chainmail scrubber is the solution.


This chainmail style cast iron scrubber  is made from stainless steel, and is designed to scrub away rust and baked on food without scratching your cast iron pans, or stripping away seasoning. The scrubber can be used on any cast iron product, including skillets, Dutch ovens, teapots, griddles, and more. This scrubber is also easy to sanitize, unlike sponges which hold bacteria.

How It Works

Getting rid of rust is simple with this scrubber. Just cleanse your cast iron cookware with warm water, scrub the rust or residue away using the chainmail scrubber, then dry your pan with a towel. There’s no need for harsh detergents.

Preventing Rust

To keep your cast iron pan in perfect shape, season it with a small amount of olive oil after each scrub. If you notice rust starting to form, use the scrubber before the problem spreads. 

Cast Iron Cleaner by Kitchen Whiz available from Amazon

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