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Infrared grilling is a quickly growing trend in backyard cooking, replacing charcoal and electric as the grill of choice for many barbecue enthusiasts. If you’ve never tried cooking on an infrared grill before, here are 5 reasons this trend should be on your radar.

1) Uniform Cooking

Infrared grills have a ceramic top cooking surface, and a fuel source—usually gas—heats up the infrared element. Because the infrared element is located below the ceramic top, the heating surface is completely uniform so you get even grilling every time.

2) Faster Grilling

Infrared grills beat charcoal and electric grills on ignition time and preheating time. An infrared grill can preheat in as little as 5 minutes for those long work days when you’re ready to eat a delicious grilled dinner.

3) Juicier Food

Infrared grills help food retain about 30% more of their natural juices, which means that seared filet, grilled tomato, or barbecued chicken will taste more flavorful and juicier with every bite.

4) Higher Heat

Infrared grills don’t just have a more even heating source—they can also get hotter without flare ups. Most infrared grills can get as high as 700 degrees, making them the perfect option for restaurant quality seared steaks.

5) Energy Efficient

Shorter ignition, preheat, and cook times all add up to a more energy efficient way of grilling than traditional charcoal or electric grills. That means your fuel source will last longer between replacements.

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