Night Lights


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If you find yourself fumbling around during those midnight trips to use the bathroom or grab a glass of water from the kitchen, these motion sensing night lights from AMIR are the perfect fix. You can install them in minutes, and save yourself from stubbed toes and missed steps.


These bright LED bulbs are incredibly simple to install, and require no wiring. With a 3M adhesive pad and built-in magnet, simply stick the light in dark pantries, stairways, bathrooms, kitchen cabinets. The lights are battery operated by three AAA batteries, so you won’t have to worry about cords.


The LED bulbs provide up to 20 lumen output, which means you’ll never stumble around in the dark again. They also activate with a motion sensor. The bulbs turn on in dark rooms when you’re within 10 feet, and off after 15 seconds without motion to prolong battery life.


The lightweight portable design means you can stick these night lights anywhere, from under kitchen cabinets to the foot of your child’s bed. These lights are perfect for night owls who find themselves creeping downstairs at two in the morning to watch TV, and for early birds who get ready for work long before the rest of their family wakes up. They can also provide comfort to young children who are afraid of the dark.

AMIR Motion Sensing Battery Powered LED Night Light available from Amazon