The “Shoeless” Joe Jackson card circa 1914-15 recently sold for $ 18,347.23 at Hake’s Auctions in York, Pa.

WHAT: Joseph Jefferson Jackson (1887 - 1951), considered one of the best players in early baseball, is best known as "Shoeless" Joe Jackson. He played Major League Baseball for three teams during 12 years in the early 1900s, yet will always be remembered for the Black Sox scandal of 1919 when some Chicago White Sox players plotted to fix the World Series. That led the Major League commissioner to ban Jackson from the MLB after the 1920 season. Whether Jackson was or was not in on the fix is argued to this day.

Because his career was halted in his prime, Jackson's legend continues to grow and intrigues baseball fans. It's all about was justice served, and what might have been.

MORE: When 150 Cracker Jack cards from 1914 - 15 sold last month in an online auction of original comic art, historic Americana and toys at Hake's, the lone Joe Jackson card soared to $ 18,347.23, including buyer premium. Since the ban ended his cards, and because up to then he was included in only a few popular sets, this exact card has become desirable. This card is in good condition, and the back side is still bright.

SMART COLLECTORS KNOW: Time has only magnified fans' fascination with Jackson. Raised in deep poverty in South Carolina, he was illiterate. Autographs or anything signed are not a possibility; his wife did all signing for him.

HOT TIP: Lore has it that Jackson got his nickname when, during a 1908 game, a new pair of cleats caused blisters so painful that he took the cleats off and ran to third base in his socks. After a fan in the stands yelled, "You shoeless son of a gun!" the nickname stuck.

BOTTOM LINE: Total result for the sale was $1.46 million. A panoramic photo of all circa 1924 Negro League World Series contenders, The Kansas City Monarchs and Hilldale Giants, along with managements, brought $23,365 including buyer premium.