Summer temperatures and a lack of rain can leave your lawn looking less than perfect. Repairing bald spots on your grass is a simple way to instantly up your curb appeal. Here’s how to keep your lawn full and green all year long.

1) Determine the Cause

Bare spots in your lawn can have a number of causes, from under watering to bugs and fungi. If you do have fungi or other pests, eliminate the root problem before replanting. Pet urine can also damage grass. Watering the area your pet frequents or installing a sprinkler nearby can dilute the urine and keep grass healthy.

2) Remove Dead Turf

Once you’ve determined the cause of the bald spots, you can prepare your yard for seeding. Using a sharp spade, cut out the dead turf from the bald spot in your lawn and remove it. If your lawn isn’t level, fill it in with clean topsoil.

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3) Rake the Area

Good soil and seed contact is important for growth, so rake out the new topsoil until there are no clumps, then cover the area with a thin layer of seeds. Rake the area again to incorporate the seeds into the topsoil.

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4) Water and Fertilize

To promote germination, water the seeds twice a day. Once you notice the grass sprouting, you can cut back to once a day. Lawn fertilizer can also help the area grow in the dry summer months.

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