Nothing goes better with food fresh off the grill than a local craft beer, and the uKeg 64 is the most stylish way to serve and transport it. This pressurized, stainless steel growler is the perfect way to bring beer from local brewers to every summer barbecue.

Keeps Beer Fresh and Cold

The uKeg 64 keeps beer fresh and carbonated for two weeks, so you don’t need to run out for your favorite local brew right before the party. The vacuum insulated stainless steel casing also keeps beer cold all day. For home brewers, the uKeg 64 stores your creation to share with friends.

Stylish and Functional

This stainless-steel growler is sleek enough to become the centerpiece of every backyard barbecue and comes in copper or silver. But it’s not form over function—the variable pressure regulation cap also maintains perfect carbonation. Serving beer couldn’t be easier with an easy pour dispenser tap and a tap lock to prevent leaks.

Why Customers Love It

Customers love how beer tastes as fresh days later as it does on day one. Customers also note the perfect carbonation and pressure in every serve. It’s also the perfect gift for any craft beer lover, and makes Father’s Day shopping a breeze.

uKeg 64 Pressurized Growler for Craft Beer available from Amazon

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