There are many ways to add a headboard to the back of your bed.

There's nothing quite as inviting as a well-made bed. As the focal point in any bedroom, the bed commands attention. But what if you don't have a headboard on your bed? Somehow the bed, and the room, doesn't quite feel finished.

Even feng shui experts say that all beds need a headboard to produce a feeling of support while sleeping. If you've been lacking a headboard, there are options for creating one that will ensure your bed gets all the attention it deserves.

Wall support

One of the easiest ways to create a headboard effect without actually having a headboard is to focus attention on the wall behind the bed. Adding a section of wallpaper behind the bed put the attentions squarely on the bed. Whether you add wallpaper on the whole wall, or add two or three rows of paper to create a mock headboard effect, both will help anchor the bed to the wall.

With the new peel-and-stick wallpaper, you can visually add a headboard in minutes. Peel-and-stick isn't just for wallpaper, though. Try a peel-and-stick tiles that look like stone or wood panels. These can be added to a wall to give it a textural feel and makes a nice stand-in for a headboard. Tin ceiling tiles are another quick peel and stick option that can be fashioned to any size you'd like.


Cloth and woven articles can easily be fashioned into a headboard that you can change for the season or with your taste. A fast replacement is a rug mounted behind the bed on a rod. If you're handy, you can make something more substantial, by building a wooden frame the width of your bed and wrap the frame with a carpet or textile of your choice and mount it to the wall. Look for a woven rug with a high contrast design for an upscale look.

Of course, curtains are another easy and soft option for creating a headboard. Hang curtains up high and let drape down behind the bed. For more romance, add a second rod to use as a canopy to suspend from the ceiling over your bed.

One and done

For uber-simple headboard possibilities, outline a headboard on the wall behind your bed in washi tape that contrasts with your wall color paint to visually suggest a headboard. Leave it as a simple outline for something super quick or add a stencil in the center for more panache.

Another speedy option is to place a room divider or decorative wall panel behind the bed. Be sure to anchor to the wall or bed frame.

Another unique alternative is to hang a large print or artwork. If artwork is lacking, throw away the picture and just add an oversized frame. It's a custom look that's also attention-grabbing.

Murals are another way to give your bedroom pizazz and break away from the standard headboard. Look for large wall-size peel and stick murals online. You'll find them in array of subjects from maps to comic book characters or florals.

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