If you love pampering your guests, these 4 items are a must-have for any guest bedroom. The next time friends or family are in town, they may not every want to leave.

1) Provide extra throws and pillows.

Getting a great night’s sleep when you’re away from home can be difficult. Trying to figure out if your guests prefer fluffy pillows or firm, or if they’re constantly cold or sweating at night is almost impossible. Let your guests decide by filling the room with a few extra throws and a variety of pillows.

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2) Provide toiletries.

With increased restrictions on flying with liquids, bringing toiletries on every trip can be a serious hassle. Stock your guest bedroom with shampoo, conditioner, lotion, soap toothpaste, and an extra toothbrush to treat your guests.

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3) Add some life to the room.

While you may not use your guest bedroom daily, moving a plant from another part of the house to the bedroom before guests arrive makes the room feel more like home.

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4) Add a robe and cozy bath towel.

Unimposing guests may be hesitant to ask for towels when they need them, so placing a clean bath towel on the dresser every few days anticipates their needs. A fuzzy robe is also a great addition to the guest room, since your guests will be able to move freely between the bedroom and bathroom.

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