Inviting friends and family to you home for Thanksgiving dinner should be a fun way to show you care, but between cooking for a dozen or more guests, staying on top of dishes, dealing with mountains of leftovers, and preparing your house for company to begin with, hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be stressful. These simple tricks can make the night a little easier.

1) Be specific about potluck dinners.

When guests ask if there’s anything they can bring, don’t try to be overly accommodating and tell them anything is fine. If you know you’ll be short on wine or beer, ask them to bring wine or beer. If your sister never brings anything more complicated than chips and dip to a party, ask your Great British Bake Off obsessed cousin to bring bread or rolls.

2) Stock up on disposable leftover containers.

Are disposable containers the most environmentally friendly option? No. But if you don’t want to get stuck eating nothing but turkey sandwiches for the next two weeks, stocking up on some inexpensive disposable containers can encourage guests to bring home leftovers. They won’t have the excuse of not seeing you soon enough to return your Tupperware.

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3) Make big batches of food in a pressure cooker.

The less hands-on time you spend prepping in the kitchen, the more time you’ll have to enjoy the holiday and your company. Lean on Instant Pot for sides like mashed potatoes, roasted veggies, mac and cheese, and stuffing. The pressure cooker will get the job done faster than a traditional slow cooker, and you can easily reheat in the oven when it’s time to serve.

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