Your home’s front door is a great place to make a lasting first impression. It can be serviceable but forgettable, or it can make an exciting statement guests and neighbors will notice. If you feel like your door is in serious need of a spruce, here are five simple projects you can take on over the weekend to make your front door stand out.

1) Add a pop of color.

Colors that may seem too bright inside the home can work on your front door. Blue, orange, yellow, and green look great against light or white exteriors, while a pop of red stands out on brick homes. Bold hues on the door bring a little playfulness to your home’s exterior without the commitment of painting your entire house, or annoying the neighborhood homeowner association.

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2) Choose a unique door knocker.

When guests come knocking, floor them with a conversation piece door knocker. Search estate and garage sales for unique thrifted finds that match the era of your home, or turn to Amazon for interesting pieces like this cast iron door knocker in the shape of a hand. If you’re not ready to commit to a bright color on your front door, spray painting a door knocker in a daring shade can be a great way to create a big impact with just a little color.

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3) Upgrade your home address numbers.

Are the home address numbers on your door looking a little rusty around the edges? It might be time to give them a makeover. Spray paint the numbers in a fun accent color for a quick, affordable fix. You can also invest in a personalized plaque in the style of your home, like this craftsman style address plaque from Amazon.

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4) Let there be light.

A good set of light fixtures around your front door can make all the difference—and not just to guests who have trouble finding their way across your porch. Choose light fixtures that show off your personal style, or that match the era of your home. While sticking with a cheap fixture that came with the house can be tempting, an upgrade can transform the look of your front door, and shows some extra thought was put into your entryway.

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5) Invest in great glass.

Regular glass windows on or around your door serve their purpose, but investing in something a little more special can take your door to the next level. Lead glass and stained glass won’t just give your home gorgeous curb appeal—it can also be an appealing feature if you ever want to sell your home.

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