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Whether you need to eliminate the junk drawer for good, clear a cluttered bathroom counter, tidy up a sock drawer, or all of the above, there’s one handy organizer that can help you tackle all your storage issues. This adjustable organizer from Practical Comfort can take on the messiest drawers in any room of your house.

How It Works

This adjustable drawer organizer comes with 9 drawer dividers—3 long and 6 short—so you can create perfectly sized compartments for kitchen utensils, office supplies, makeup, and more. The organizer comes in 3 sizes to fit a variety of drawer depths, but once you select a small, medium, or large organizer, there are endless ways to customize this organizer to suit your needs.

Simple and Durable

Installing this tool-free adjustable drawer organizer is easy—simply fit the dividers into the drawer by sliding out expanding ends, and then fix them into place with reusable adhesive pads. The brushed aluminum design makes this organizer ultra-durable.

Why Customers Love It

Customers love that this drawer organizer was simple to install and felt stable. The adhesive pads were easy to move and reapply when they wanted to change the position of the dividers. Customers used this organizer in their home office desk, bathroom vanity, child’s dresser, and kitchen drawers.

Practical Comfort Adjustable Drawer Organizer available from Amazon