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Making your own pizza at home is an easy and affordable way to feed the family, try out different flavor combinations, and tailor your favorite meal to your dietary restrictions. But cutting the perfect slice isn’t always easy. Traditional pizza cutters can be bulky, hard to clean, and often leave you with an uneven cut. Instead, try this smartly designed pizza cutter by Kitchy that Amazon customers are raving about.

Compact and Safe

The Kitchy pizza cutter is designed to fit easily in the palm of your hand with an ergonomic handle that wraps around the super sharp stainless steel blade and also holds a retractable blade guard. The smart design makes this pizza cutter more compact than traditional slicers. You’ll be able to slice pizza like a pro while protecting your hands.

Easy to Clean

This pizza cutter makes cleaning up after dinner easy. The blade and handle are can be thrown in the dishwasher or easily washed by hand. The handle design also protects your hands while cleaning so you don’t need to worry about your sponge or dish brush slipping.

Why Customers Love It

Amazon customers are raving about the Kitchy pizza cutter with over 3,400 reviewers giving it an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Customers loved that the wrap around handle allowed them to produce even pressure along the blade and delivered cleaner cuts while keeping their hands (and their kid’s hands) safe. Several reviews called it a game changer, and loved that a quality kitchen utensil came at such a low price.

Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel available from Amazon