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Keeping your hands clean while you’re running errands isn’t always an easy task, especially when you have to touch high-traffic surfaces like door handles or elevator buttons. This no touch door opener offers a simple solution and is small enough to fit on your key chain.

How It Works

This no touch tool is designed to keep your hands clean and help you avoid direct contact with public equipment including drawers, door handles, and elevator buttons. You simply hold the loop near your keys and press or pull with the other side.

Multiple Uses

This no touch tool isn’t just for opening doors. It can also be used on credit card machines, touch screens, elevators, ATMs, keyboards, sinks, and light switches. The tool is made from brass, which is a naturally antimicrobial material.

Why Customers Love It

Amazon customers love that these no touch tools help them navigate the world without fear. The tool was easy to use for opening doors and held up well under repeated stress thanks to the durable material. IT also worked well for swiping through a phone while out and about and pressing buttons on credit card touch pads.

No Touch Tool Door Opener available from Amazon