Facebook Portal


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The impacts of coronavirus are being felt across the globe, and while we fear for our health, our family’s health, and the financial impact, we’re also isolated at home. Staying in touch with loved ones over the phone might help ease our anxieties, but there’s something even more comforting about seeing their face while we talk to them. Facebook Portal’s smart video calling screen is one of the best ways to chat while you keep your distance and protect older or at risk relatives from exposure.

How It Works

Facebook Portal allows you to easily video call friends and family through Messenger or WhatsApp on a 10-inch HD touch-screen display. It works even if they don’t have Portal themselves. The smart camera automatically pans and zooms to keep you in frame even if you’re playing with kids, folding laundry, or making dinner while you chat.

Sync to Alexa

In addition to keeping you in touch with loved ones, Facebook Portal has Alexa built in, so you can use it to check security cameras at the front door, listen to music, watch the news, and control other smart home devices completely hands free.

Why Customers Love It

Amazon customers loved connecting with friends and family through Facebook Portal. One of the biggest differences between this device and other video calling services was the ability to get up and move while you talked. Not holding a phone gave one customer a chance to dance with their niece on the other side of the country. Another customer loved the conference calling feature that allowed the whole extended family to chat at once. With so many of us social distancing in the coming months, this device is the perfect way to bridge the gap.

Facebook Portal Smart Video Calling available from Amazon