Zip Ties


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If you’ve ever wanted one super affordable item that can solve small household jobs in seconds, zip ties should be on your shopping list. These unassuming fasteners have plenty of genius uses to help you organize your home.

1) Organize cords and wires.

Zip ties were originally invented for the purpose of keeping wiring in place on airplanes, so it’s no surprise that this tip is first on the list. You don’t need to buy a special cord organizer if you have zip ties. Instead, group together cords and wires behind your desk with a zip tie and stay organized for pennies.

2) Create your own drain snake.

Unclogging your bathroom drain isn’t a fun job—but it’s necessary. To unclog it using zip ties, create your own drain snake by fastening together several zip ties in a chain. Then, cut notches to catch the hair along the sizes of each tie.

3) Keep garden plants growing vertically.

If you’re growing vines or other climbing plants in your garden, direct the direction they grow in by securing them with zip ties along lattices or posts.

4) Childproof cabinets.

If you want to keep little ones out of the Tide Pod cabinet, use a zip tie to secure two adjacent knobs and prevent toddlers from opening the doors.

5) Seal bags of food.

If you don’t have chip clips handy, seal up bags of snacks with a zip tie. The tie prevents food from going stale and keeps pests out.

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