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Cleaning the shower is one household chore that’s tempting to put off for too long, but keeping your shower sparkling every day of the week doesn’t have to mean using elbow grease. These simple tips will help you keep your shower clean with minimal effort.

1) Use a daily shower cleaner.

One of the easiest ways to prevent mildew, soap scum, or mold from building up in you shower is to spray it down every day with a daily shower cleaner. These cleaners are designed to keep your shower cleaner for longer between deep scrubs. The best part is, you don’t even need to wipe your shower down after use.

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2) Squeegee while you shower.

Glass shower doors quickly collect soap scum and can make an otherwise clean shower look grimy in days. Keep a hanging squeegee in your shower as a reminder to quickly clean your shower doors each time you clean yourself.

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3) Clean your shower head while you sleep.

If you notice mineral build-up on your shower head, you might dread scrubbing it off. Instead, secure a plastic bag filled with vinegar to your shower head using a rubber band. Leave the bag overnight for a sparkling shower head without the hassle.

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