With its half-moon shape, a demilune table makes a statement in elegance and sophistication.

A demilune table speaks to French style and adds a classic touch to any decor. With its half-moon shape, a demilune table makes a statement in elegance and sophistication. For small spaces or tight entries, a demilune's curved shape is just the thing to keep you from knocking against it as you walk by. And for a piece that exudes loads of style? These little tables never cut corners.

Out flanked

A demilune table is one of those decorative accessories you may never have known you needed. When you're looking for something to help anchor a window, simply flank it on either side with a demilune table. Their arc-shaped appeal helps to manage the straight lines of a square window and make the look come into an aesthetic balance.

Demilune tables also make a great statement when paired on either side of a fireplace or entry door. Using a pair of tables adds interest and panache to your room's look. To create a seating space, try flanking one demilune table with a couple of chairs that can be pulled together to share a cup of coffee or to simply look stylish.


A demilune table can also add beautiful storage with charm in any room. Try adding a demilune table in the dining room as a pleasant change for the standard bar cart. The Veranda Braken demilune storage table ( makes an elegant statement, and its small top drawer can hold cocktail napkins and corkscrews.

In the bedroom, demilune tables can be used as side tables and won't have any sharp corners to bump as you get into and out of bed. Plus, their half-moon shape creates a pleasant visual balancing the straight lines of the bed and headboard.


Demilunes are most often used as consoles at entryways or in small spots or corners to add that little something different. But in a small living room, demilunes make a terrific side table. The soft half-round shape means that they won't have harsh corners, making their smooth silhouette perfect for small spaces.

They also make an excellent accent piece for stairway landings or narrow hallways. If your hallway is extra-long, add a pair of tables for more interest. At the end of a hall, a demilune table is the perfect accent piece to anchor the end of your hallway.

Need something for entertaining purposes? For the open look of a bar cart but the sleek style of a demilune try My Better Half Console by Caracole in gold and glass ( to serve your drinks with Art Deco appeal.

Need a small table for your kitchen? A demilune table with a small side chair can turn your plain kitchen into a cozy eat-in nook. If you enjoy antiques, search for the wall-mounted or wall-hung demilune table. These are even more space-saving and add a unique touch to your home. You'll find varieties such as the two-legged style and that are affixed to a wall while other demilunes without legs are mounted directly to the wall.

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