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If you’ve never seen a rechargeable lighter before, you’re not alone—but this handy gadget is about to be your best friend on camping trips, patio dinners, and around the house.

1) It lasts longer than disposable lighters.

This rechargeable lighter from Reidea is the perfect solution to cheap disposable lighters that quickly run out of gas. Each charge can last for more than 60 uses, so it’s great for lighting multiple candles at events, camping, or backyard grilling. A USB cable is also included for charging.

2) It’s safer than your average lighter.

Because of the long design, flameless tip, and on/off switch, this electric lighter is safer than standard lighters that bring your fingers close to the flame. It’s great for lighting deep candles, fireplaces, or fire pits.

3) Wind is no match for this lighter.

If you’ve ever tried to light a candle or fire pit on a windy night, you know just how frustrating traditional lighters can be. This electric lighter is also windproof so you won’t have to worry about heating up the lighter multiple times in different weather conditions.

Electronic Flameless Candle Lighter available from Amazon